Delivery Services

Braud Company is proud of our ability to provide “round the clock” delivery services. We deliver what you need, when you need it. We service a wide range from East Texas to Florida and all of Louisiana. The Contractors and Maintenance personnel rely on us to get them the things they need to complete their everyday and emergency work. We also provide Safety Products, Office Supplies, Consumables; such as, gloves, glasses, hearing protection, etc…

Our trucks and vans are maintained to ensure reliability so that we can be efficient in getting your items to you as quickly as possible.

Our Store / Will Call:

This area is stocked with the everyday items any worker might need and is also an area to keep items that have been called in and will be picked up by you, our customer. Whether it be welding caps, gloves, flashlights, hearing protection, hand tools, fans, generators, small welders, it can be found in our store. Please stop by and take a look when you are in our area.